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Review of ‘Money Problems’ reading/numeracy package

Money Problems is a lovely little numeracy resource all about money and how to manage it. It was inspired by the frontline experience of its author (Hazel Davidson) an ESL teacher confronted with many newly-arrived migrants and refugees who had trouble managing their money in Australia. This sentiment was echoed by Centrelink who approached Ms Davidson and suggested this was a much needed resource for newly-arrived migrants, especially those from poor countries. The resources include fact sheets with advice and tips on topics such as how to store your money (in a bank not under a mattress!), internet scams, where to go for help if needed – support groups, legal advice, and arithmetic teaching aids for those teachers dealing with students who not only lack the language but a basic education in mathematics. The workbook also comes with a reader and a CD. The reader covers the basic themes of the package which includes Getting Money, Keeping Money Safe, Not Enough Money and Money Plans. The CD includes a song and recordings of the reader.The book is divided into easy, medium and harder sections, all of which are loosely mapped to the ACSF levels 1 – 3. Whilst the book has a range of resources at different levels, the layout can be rather dense at times for those barely literate learners. Still, there are some lovely arithmetic exercises for this particular group. The reader also has some great pictures (by Dorothy Court) which help clearly explain the topic being presented. There is also a very helpful glossary of words at the start of the book to help in dealings with Centrelink.Although not particularly broad in scope, Money Problems is a practical, useful resource for those still settling into Australia and would be a worthy addition to any numeracy course.

Reviewer: Alexandra Whitfield, Teacher in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP) at CIT Vocational College, Canberra Institute of Technology

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Money Problems is available from Sugarbag on Damper